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CAEF-F4 stands for Cercle des Amis de l'Enfant et de la Femme F4 (Circle of Friends of F4 Children and Women). We are an organization that aims to improve the living conditions of children from the villages of Fotetsa, Fossong-Wentcheng, Fongo-Ndeng and Fodonera in the Western province of Cameroon - also known as the F4

Our aim is to break the cycle of poverty in F4 villages by helping low-income youth and women achieve economic independence. Our priority has been to promote youth education. Over the years, we have raised funds to provide education and training opportunities to children in need by collected and provided teaching resources for schools and libraries. We have also participated in annual awards and scholarships for students. [More about our activities...]

2003 Award Ceremony

CAEF-F4 is lead by an executive committee of five and has over 50 members and friends spanned across four continents in Cameroon, France, Canada, and the United States. Together, we strive on a yearly basis to raise at least 1,000,000F CFA (~ $2,000 US, $2,000 CAD or €1,500) in monetary funds or teaching supplies. [More about our organization...]


A look into Fongo-Ndeng high school's library

A look into Fongo-Ndeng high school's library

Currently, we are purely a word of mouth organization and that do not offer tax receipts. We would like to thank everyone that has supported our organization so far. [More about our donators...]

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